Priyanka Ram '17

Priyanka Ram

Hello! My name is Priyanka Ram and I am a rising sophomore at Wellesley College. I have been a part of Professor Marc Tetel’s laboratory since the summer of 2012, just after I graduated from high school. During that summer, I learnt various experimental techniques and protocols by shadowing Sabin Nettles and Colleen Isabelle. I gained additional laboratory experience during my freshman year, and this summer I have been selected by the Wellesley College Summer Science Research Program to continue my research in the lab.

As a high school student, I worked for four summers with Dr. Jennifer Melcher in the Eaton-Peabody Laboratory at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. I was part of a research program in which I analyzed gray matter volume in the MRI brain scans of various tinnitus patients. My research aim was to determine distinguishing characteristics between musicians and non-musicians in the gray matter volume of the auditory cortex.

Presently, in collaboration with Kalpana Acharya, I am investigating the interaction and expression of two steroid receptor coactivators, SRC-1 and SRC-2, with two progesterone receptor isoforms, PR-A and PR-B. We are focusing on the effect of dopamine on the ability of progesterone to induce sexual behavior in mice. I am also collaborating with Professor Vanja Klepac-Ceraj's lab in the Biology Department on a project on the gut microbiome.

In the Tetel lab, I am enthusiastic to learn new laboratory techniques and gain experience on working with animals. I intend to major in neuroscience and pursue a career in neurosciences and bioengineering.

I enjoy Indian dancing, playing piano, swimming, and rowing. At Wellesley, I have been part of Dorm Crew, Chamber Music Society, and Wellesley Association for South Asian Culture, and Darshana a religious group on campus.