PEAC 104: Introduction to Peace and Justice

An interdisciplinary introduction to the study of conflict, justice, and peace. The course engages students in developing an analytical and theoretical framework for examining the dynamics of conflict, violence, and injustice and the strategies that have been employed to attain peace and justice, including: balance of power, cooperation, diplomacy and conflict resolution, law, human rights, social movements, social justice (economic, environmental, and race/class/gender), interpersonal communication, and religiously inspired social transformation.

PEAC 204: Conflict Transformation in Theory and Practice

This course provides the student with an in-depth study of conflict and its resolution. We will explore the basic theoretical concepts of the field and apply this knowledge as we learn and practice skills for analyzing and resolving conflicts. The course seeks to answer the following questions at both the theoretical level and the level of engaged action: What are the causes and consequences of conflict? How do we come to know and understand conflict? How do our assumptions about conflict affect our strategies for management, resolution, or transformation? What methods are available for waging and resolving conflicts productively rather than destructively?

PEAC 259: Topics in Peace and Justice Studies

Topic for 2012-13: Feminist Interrogations of Peace Studies.

This is an intermediate level course designed to familiarize students with feminist contributions and challenges to peace studies. From Virginia Woolf to Betty Reardon to Cynthia Enloe, feminists have started social analysis from the lives of women. They have challenged traditional definitions of such central concepts in peace studies as violence, peace, security, and power. However, their contributions have been often marginalized in peace studies. This course will put feminist analysis at the center of the study of violence and peace. Drawing on literature from different disciplines and from visual and interactive media, the course will show how the feminist study of gender presents an understanding of peace that takes into account women and other marginalized communities.


See also Wintersession in India.

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