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Physics Seminar

October 25, 2012
4:45 - 5:45pm in SCI-278
Refreshments in Sage Lounge 4:30 pm


The Physics of Self-Assembly 
by Professor Robert Meyer, Wellesley College

Many material objects are put together by the self-assembly of identical sub-units, atoms, molecules, or larger objects. That is, they are not constructed by some external agent, like a brick wall built by a mason, but by forces acting among the subunits that determine their assembly into the final ojbect. This process is especially importnat in biology. This talk will explore some examples of self-assembly. 

Physics Seminar

October 4, 2012
4:45 - 5:45pm in SCI-278
Refreshments in Sage Lounge 4:30 pm

What is Gravity?
by Dr. Chanda Rescod-Weinstein, M.I.T.

Commencement 2012

May, 2012. Congratulations to Lucy Archer, Annabelle Batista, IjeomaEkeh, Tiffany Lin, Debbie Tien and Lily Zhang, class of 2012 Physics and Astrophysics majors. More

PHYS 310 launched!

May, 2012. After a heroic year of planning and developmental work by Robbie Berg, Glenn Stark and Tom Bauer -- with help and input from the entire physics faculty -- the new required advanced physics lab course, Experimental Physics (PHYS 310), finished on a high note. More

 2012 Phyllis J. Fleming Award Winners

May, 2012. Lucy Archer '12 and Tiffany Lin '12 won the 2012 Phyllis J. Fleming Award for excellence in physics.

New Fulbright Scholar: Lucy Archer '12

May, 2012. Lucy Archer '12 won a 2012 Fulbright Fellowship for a year of studies and research at the SOLEIL synchrotron facility in Paris, France. More

2012 Hubble Fellowship Awarded to Stella Offner '03

April, 2012.  Stella Offner '03 won a 3-year Hubble Fellowship, one of three prestigious postdoctoral fellowship programs funded by NASA. Stella, currently a NSF post-doctoral fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass, is heading to Yale in the Fall. More