Help us support our students!

The Wellesley Students' Aid Society’s independent and flexible structure has allowed it, for over 130 years, to offer help beyond that which the College proper is able to extend. In addition to financial support, the Society oversees a variety of initiatives to Wellesley sisters including short-term emergency loans, a clothing exchange, gift vouchers for textbooks, and personal conversations. The Society's long existing support by alumnae and friends makes it distinctive. The student beneficiaries of the Students’ Aid Society recognize the generosity of sisters who have gone before and the strength of the connection that exists between alumnae, students, faculty and staff.

The Society has committed $935,000 for financial aid to students at Wellesley College during the academic year 2014-2015.  Of this amount, $335,000 will be given in the form of scholarships and $600,000 as student loans repayable to the Society.

When you contribute to Students’ Aid, you are demonstrating your belief in the power of educated women and your confidence in our Wellesley students.  If you are a regular supporter of the Society, please accept our sincere thank you on behalf of our grateful students. If you are new to the Society, we invite you to join our essential core of supporters who share in our mission of aiding students.