Knapp Social Science Center

Knapp Social Science Center

The Knapp Social Science Center at Pendleton Hall East integrates the social sciences and provides instructional space that is varied in design and layout. The physical space includes case-study classrooms, computer classrooms with individual student workstations, seminar rooms, traditional lecture halls, a video conferencing facility, and an archaeology laboratory. Public spaces include a viewing room equipped with a large TV/DVD setup, wireless computing capability, and a two-story atrium with bleachers and informal seating.


Wellesley Wednesdays

Wonderful Wellesley Wednesdays

On Wellesley Wednesdays, 12:30-2:00 p.m., the college community convenes to explore eye-opening ideas and experiences—a lecture, a new exhibit, a performance. Together students, faculty, and staff celebrate the art and knowledge thriving on campus.