With 50 majors to choose from, we learn with faculty who are at the forefront of their fields and whose caliber is matched by their commitment to their students. We are surrounded by the world’s top undergraduate women—incredible minds of our generation.

Two words make all the difference here: inclusive excellence. Inclusive excellence means every student is challenged and encouraged to thrive academically at the highest level. This is how we learn what we truly are capable of.

We learn to think deeply about how to create a world we would be proud to live in—and we take our learning and leadership beyond Wellesley. In classes with faculty who encourage intellectual risk-taking, and through internships, campus events that center student research and experience, civic engagement, public writing and speaking, and study abroad, we gain the skills, the confidence, and the courage to take on humanity’s great challenges with vision and purpose.

Where We Find Our Voices

Education for a lifetime

A Wellesley education prepares students to realize their own highest ambitions and aspirations—and they do.