Changing the face of STEM education and leadership starts here, where one of the most diverse student bodies in the country explores science at the highest levels. Where our faculty receive more research grants than those at any other college. And where our new Science Complex invites science majors and nonmajors alike to discover its research labs, observatory telescopes, maker spaces, and greenhouses.

This is why our students go on to attend top graduate and medical schools. It’s also why Wellesley ranks highest among U.S. liberal arts colleges in the number of women graduates who go on to earn Ph.D.s in the sciences—and is the only liberal arts college to be ranked in the top 50 of all undergraduate institutions. Our graduates include the first woman dean of science at MIT, the first woman dean of engineering at Stanford, and so many of the world’s most promising astrophysicists, computer scientists, and experts in climate change and public health.

By the Numbers

  • #1 Wellesley graduates earn more Ph.D.s in science and engineering than women from any other liberal arts college.

  • 2x In the past 10 years, Wellesley doubled the number of underrepresented minority women majoring in STEM fields.

  • 30 Thirty students have been awarded National Science Foundation Fellowships in the past three years.

Invitation to discovery

The research opportunities available to you at Wellesley are more like those at a major research university than a typical liberal arts college.