Develop your writing and public speaking skills

Unique campus programs help you develop your voice, build an exceptional portfolio of work, and refine the skills needed for success in any discipline.

Wellesley offers two major cross-campus conferences each year, intensive writing instruction, including a unique seminar for seniors, and a public speaking initiative.

come together to Share and Learn

Tanner Conference

At the Tanner Conference, you can speak about what you have learned from internships, civic engagement, study abroad, and other off-campus opportunities, helping you make deep connections between the liberal arts classroom and the world beyond Wellesley. Reflecting on your experiences and sharing your insights can help you understand your aspirations and express your interests in ways that prepare you for whatever comes next.

Ruhlman Conference

The Ruhlman Conference is all about showcasing—and celebrating—the hard work of academic research, its potential impact, and the critical part it plays in a liberal arts education. You join together with other students from across campus to present your work to a wide audience, which makes intellectual life a communal conversation rather than a solitary enterprise.

First Year Writing Courses and Calderwood Seminars

No matter the discipline, you develop writing skills throughout your time at Wellesley. This begins with first-year writing courses, which use small, discussion-based seminars on inspiring topics to build a foundation for you to express your ideas. By senior year, you are ready for the transformative challenge of the Calderwood Seminars in Public Writing. These intensive workshops and seminars create a writing community that helps you connect with—and persuade—readers by learning how to translate complex arguments and professional jargon into writing accessible to a public audience.

Maurer Public Speaking Initiative

The Maurer Public Speaking Initiative can help you become a passionate and articulate public speaker by promoting course content that can be integrated into existing classes. The initiative also offers seminars that train faculty across all disciplines to teach and assess public speaking.