What’s the food like at Wellesley?


With lots of variety and flexibility!

The meal plan is super simple: Eat as much as you want at any campus dining hall. Between meals, you can swing by the halls to grab a quick bite. To buy food at our non-dining hall eateries, use Flex Dollars ($75 comes with your meal plan) or points (optional Flex Dollars that you pay to add to your account).

Have a food allergy or dietary restriction? The Office of Accessibility and Disability Resources (ADR) and our dietitian, Hannah Sofier, RD, LDN, will work with you to determine which dining halls accommodate your needs.

Want to share a beloved recipe or give us feedback? We welcome your input!

choose from several Culinary Centers

Bates Dining Hall

With a noodle bar station alternating weekly with a deli bar, Bates features a rotating menu of international cuisines along with homemade gelatos and sorbets. Bates is also home to the gluten-sensitive room, available to students with approval through ADR and completion of training with our dietician.

Bae Pao Lu Chow Dining Room

Located in the Lulu Chow Wang Campus Center, Bae Pao Lu Chow (or Lulu) offers a variety of specialty stations, including brick-oven pizza and international dishes.

Stone-Davis Dining Hall

Stone-Davis features kosher, vegan, and vegetarian meals. Enjoy fresh vegetables, vegan cheeses, plant-based proteins, and alternating noodle bar and nacho bar. Out of respect for students who keep kosher, all diners in Stone-Davis are asked not to bring outside food, beverages, or dishes (including Tupperware). Refillable water bottles, backpacks, and bags are acceptable. Stone-Davis uses compostable grab & go containers for both dine-in and take-out.

Tower Dining Hall

Tower is the halal destination on campus, where all meats are halal and recipes are prepared without the use of pork or alcohol. Tower is also a nut-sensitive location and features the Clarity station, where recipes are free of the top nine major food allergens.

in a hurry? Grab & Go Cafés


Need a latte? Toothpaste? Snacks? The Emporium has you covered. Located in the Campus Center, it’s got coffee, prepared food, toiletries. Emporium accepts Flex Dollars, points, cash, and credit cards.

Leaky Beaker

At the heart of the Science Complex is the Leaky Beaker, the perfect snack and study spot. Grab a coffee, soup, sandwich, or salad. Filled with natural light, the atrium is a great place to collaborate with classmates or get your own work done. Leaky Beaker accepts Flex Dollars, points, cash, and credit cards.

Collins Café

Collins Café is Wellesley’s hidden secret, offering superb made-to-order sandwiches, salads, and soups, with specials every day! To-go items are also available. Collins Café accepts Flex Dollars, points, cash, and credit cards.

go to Student-Run Venues

Café Hoop

On the ground floor of the Campus Center, “Hoopies” serve up delicious late-night nachos, snacks, and drinks. They even make deliveries!

El Table

In 1904, students started serving snacks at a small table by an elevator—the name is short for “Elevator Table.” Now a full-fledged cafe located on the bottom floor of Founders Hall, El Table offers sandwiches, coffee, soups, and snacks.