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Welcome to the Department of Classical Studies

Wellesley College's two major programs in Classical Studies, Classics and Classical Civilization, offer students the opportunity to explore the ancient world through an integrated, cohesive program of courses.  Individual programs are tailored to meet students’ specific interests, such as classical literature, archeology, ancient theater, ancient philosophy, law, political theory, ancient religion, material culture, and the classical tradition. Wellesley faculty, comprised of a community of recognized scholars, bring a vast range of academic and professional interests to the College.

In a sense, Classical Studies is the first and oldest area of study, exploring ancient Greek and Roman culture from the second millennium BCE to the fall of the Western Roman Empire.  It is a field which is not limited to a single method or discipline, but instead investigates Greek and Roman culture and its influence up to the present day, in all its richness and diversity, its familiarity and its strangeness. 

As it is such a wide ranging interdisciplinary field, Classics can stand alone as a dynamic and challenging major or can complement almost any other major in a liberal arts education. Whether new to or familiar with our Classical Studies Department, please feel free to browse through our website for information on our curriculum, study abroad opportunities, upcoming events, as well as other programs and resources. 


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