Spendable Gifts


The Donors Relations/Development Services (DR/DS) office is responsible for obtaining all documentation related to the spendable gift specifically any documenation supporting the purpose of the gift.

The Controller's Office is responsible for setting up the fund in the Banner system with the proper accounting restrictions based upon information provided by the DR/DS office.

The department head in the area where the donor has restricted the spending is responsible for spending from this fund in accordance with the donor's intentions. If the department head is uncertain of the donor's intention, he/she should contact Debbie Mulno from the DR/DS office at extention 3791 to obtain further clarification or documentation of the donor's intentions.

Unspent restricted spendable gifts are carried over at the end of each fiscal year.


  1. When the spendable gift with all of the supporting documentation is ready for processing, the DR/DS office will request fund numbers from the Controller's Office via a Designation Form.

  2. The form is reviwed by the Controller's Office for proper supporting documentation to ensure that the fund is set up with the proper accounting restrictions.

  3. If the gift is for a new fund, the Controller's Office will set up a fund in the Banner System. A fund 2XXXX will be set up for the spending.

  4. The Controller's Office will forward a copy of the Designation Form with supporting documentation to the appropriate department.

  5. The department head reviews the Designation Form with supporting documentation to ensure that he/she understands the spending restrictions. If there is any uncertainty of the donor's intetions on spending, the department head should contact the DR/DS office.

  6. The department should charge the 2XXXX fund for any spending. Spending must follow the guideslines set forth for Accounts Payable and Travel.