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MIT Courses

SECTION I: MIT Courses with no Equivalent Course at Wellesley

(1) Electronics and Architectures
6.071J Electronics, Signals, and Measurement - lab experience, no CS credit
6.002 Circuits and Electronics - lab experience, no CS credit
6.033 Computer System Engineering - 300 level CS credit
6.004 Computation Structures - 300 level CS credit

(2) Languages and Programming
6.01 Introduction to EECS I - 200 level CS credit
16.35 Real-Time Systems and Software - 200 level CS credit

(3) Algorithms
18.330 Introduction to Numerical Analysis - 200 level CS credit

(4) Mathematical Programming
6.251J Introduction to Mathematical Programming - 300 level CS credit
18.433 Combinatorial Optimization - 200 level CS credit

(5) Other
6.041 Probabilistic Systems Analysis - 200 level CS credit

SECTION II: MIT Courses with an Equivalent Course at Wellesley

(1) Theory of Computation
6.045J=18.400J Automata, Computability, and Complexity = CS 235

(2) Algorithms
6.042J Mathematics for Computer Science = MATH 225
6.006 Introduction to Algorithms = CS 231

(4) Artificial Intelligence
6.034 Artificial Intelligence = CS 232
6.801 Machine Vision = CS 332

(5) Computer Graphics
6.837 Computer Graphics = CS 307

*IMPORTANT: Courses both at MIT and here at Wellesley may change often contents, number and/or description. The list above is provided to help you choose your courses, but please be aware that credit is not automatic. If you plan to take any of these courses, please see in advance the Department Chair for credit approval.

What's Up?



Wellesley seniors just pranked the school. Check out the CS Department!



Now offering new courses "Computing and Life" (CS249) and "Quantifying Data Privacy" (CS349) this semester!


MIT's App Inventor 2 launched last week, with 9 Wellesley students contributing to its improvements this past semester in MIT 6.s198 and in research projects.


This fall, Wellesley students participated in the Grace Hopper Conference, ICPC Programming Contest, and the Capture the Flag contest.


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