Tempest and Unix

Resources for Tempest Users
Tempest is a nickname for our server, cs. These pages are written for students and other users of the Linux machines of the Wellesley College Computer Science department. We've just begun building these pages, so please bear with us. However, we're eager to improve them, so if you have a suggestion or correction, please let us know.

Important Notes!

  1. Acceptable Use Policy Any user of the Wellesley College Computer Science department machines must abide by our Acceptable Use and Password policy. Please read that document and make sure you understand your responsibilities in using our equipment.
  2. Getting an Account If you're a CS major, are taking a CS course, or have some other valid reason to have an account on the machine, you're welcome to request one. Please fill out one of the appropriate forms (these forms are only accessible from on-campus).
  3. Passwords If you need to change your password, read our Acceptable Use and Password policy, which also explains how to change your password.
  4. Wellesley Account Info This page explains information particular to accounts on the Wellesley College CS department server (, as opposed to generic unix accounts.
  5. Quota Check. This form allows you to check your disk quota on Puma. This is particularly useful if you have a non-shell account. To check your quota from the shell, do the following:


Resources for Linux Users 
The following pages may be useful

  1. has reference cards for a bunch of commonly used Linux software, including Emacs, XEmacs, TeX, and C.
  2. Unix:
    1. Scott D. Anderson's Wellesley local Unix Introduction
  3. Emacs:
    1. Scott D. Anderson's Wellesley local Emacs Introduction
    2. U Chicago Tutorial
  4. LaTeX:
    1. The TeX User's Group
    2. The Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
    3. Emily Carlin's LaTeX introduction in PDF and in LaTeX source

Handouts for Linux Users, including some of the above files.


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The CS department welcomes two new faculty members, Ben Wood and Eni Mustafaraj and a new Lab Instructor, Susan Buck.

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