The German Department offers a summer stipend program as well as a number of prizes, among the resources we offer our students are:

Summer stipends:  We offer a limited number of competitive stipends in support of summer study in Germany.  These stipends allow our beginning majors and minors to accelerate their language study, and our advanced students to enroll in literature and culture courses.  Application information is generally made available to students in Februrary, and applications are due early in the second semester. 

Stipends for internships:  For our students studying in Germany for a full year in our Berlin or Mainz program, we offer a number of stipends in support of full-year internships.

We also award three annual prizes to majors or minors, based on the following criteria:

The Ethel Folger Williams Prize: To a sophomore who has shown exceptional progress in her study of the German language.

The Natalie Wipplinger Prize: To a graduating senior who has demonstrated consistent achievement and outstanding work in her German studies.

The Elizabeth Vogel Falk Prize: To a student in the Department who has demonstrated outstanding progress and shown sophisticated quality of mind in literary studies of German.horizontalbar