In a residential college the community benefits when  faculty members live near the centers of campus life.

To encourage this, Wellesley College provides more than 100 dwellings of different types for members of the faculty and certain administrative officers. Such housing is generally limited to persons holding full-time appointments and regular part-time appointments.

Usually it is possible for the College to offer some housing to all interested applicants.

Rules and regulations for faculty housing are established by the Faculty Benefits Committee, whose membership includes representatives of both the faculty and administration.

All residents are subject to zoning and other regulations of the Town of Wellesley regarding fire control, animal control, safety, sanitation, and other matters of public concern.

The College endeavors to maintain its rental properties in good condition at all times and provide safe, comfortable residences and reasonable service. The total number of units offered is: 104 (61 apartments and 43 Houses).