Colleen Isabelle '13

Hello! My name is Colleen Isabelle and I am a neuroscience major at Wellesley College.  I joined the Tetel Lab in the spring semester of 2011 and have since been working with Jen Wan ’12 on her project, which uses pull-down assay and western blot techniques to investigate at the interaction of progestin receptor subtypes with steroid receptor coactivators in the mouse brain. 

This summer (2011), I worked in the Tetel Lab through the Wellesley Summer Science Research Program and hope to research further the relationship between progestin and estrogen receptors and their steroid receptor coactivators in the brain. Our overall goal is to eventually investigate how this interaction relates to the regulation of hormone-dependent behavior.  I hope to continue working in the Tetel lab through the rest of my time at Wellesley and eventually attend a graduate research program in neuroscience.