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Each January, Wellesley College faculty run short-term study abroad courses open to Wellesley and MIT students. Courses offered in 2014 include:

FREN 228 Wintersession in Paris

An examination of the rapid modernization and urbanization (haussmannization) of Paris in the Nineteenth Century and the changes it brought to the life of Parisians. Two authors fond of Paris—Balzac, the eternal Parisian wanderer, and Zola, the social scientist—will be the focus of this course. Balzac witnesses the birth of the bourgeoisie and of the power of money; Zola evokes the monsters they engender. While in Paris, we will follow their steps and discover the neighborhoods dear to Balzac as well as the modern Paris Zola describes in his novel. Credit: 1.0 unit(s) Prerequisites: At least one unit of FREN 206FREN 207, FREN 208, FREN 209, or above, or an SAT II score of 690-800, an equivalent departmental placement score, or an AP score of 5. ($4800) Instructor: Marie-Paule Tranvouez  

ITAS 202W Intermediate Italian in Rome

This intensive three-week program is a rigorous linguistic and a valuable culture full-immersion experience in Italy. Like ITAS 202 on campus, the course consists of a fast-paced grammar review with practice of all language skills through readings of literary texts and newspaper articles, oral discussions, and presentations on Italian current events, and compositions on cultural topics examined in class. The course includes a rich program of guest speakers, both Italian university professors and artists, and attendance at film screenings and theatre performances. Credit: 1.0 unit(s) Prerequisites: ITAS 201. Application required ($4000) Instructor: Flavia Laviosa

ANTH 310 Wintersession in the Southern Balkans

This course aspires to familiarize students with the subtleties of national Balkan rifts and cultural divisions, through study abroad in the Southern Balkans during Wintersession. The overall theme of the course will center on national majorities and ethnic minorities. The cultural diversity of the area will be examined both as a historical and as contemporary phenomenon. Students will be exposed to the legacy of the classical world, the impact of Christianity and Islam, the role of European commercial empires, the impact of the European Enlightenment in national movements, the emergence of modernization, and the socialist experiments in Macedonia and Bulgaria. The course will also offer a critical overview of the politics of historical continuity and the resurgence of Balkan nationalisms during the last decade of the twentieth century. Credit: 0.5 unit(s) Prerequisites: ANTH 217 or ANTH 219, or some familiarity with the area. ($3920) Instructor: Anastasisa Karakasidou

GER 202W Intermediate German in Berlin

Like GER 202 on campus, this course strengthens and expands all language skills including idiomatic grammar review, oral and listening practice, readings on contemporary and historical topics, and practice in composition. This course will be taught as an intensive Wintersession course in Berlin and will feature an important cultural component. Credit: 1.0 unit(s) Prerequisites: GER 201 or permission of the instructor. Application required. Not open to students who have taken GER 202. ($3000) Instructor: Thomas Nolden

RUSS 303W Russian in Moscow

This course is offered as an immersion experience, designed to improve students' oral proficiency in Russian while introducing them to the cultural treasures of Russia's capital. Mornings students study language with instructors at the Russian State University for the Humanities. Afternoons and evenings they visit sites associated with Moscow's great writers, art galleries and museums, attend plays, operas and concerts. Credit: 1.0 unit(s) Prerequisites: RUSS 301 or permission of the instructor. Application required. ($3000) Instructor: Alla Epsteyn

CLCV 226 Wintersession in Crete

This course explores ancient Crete through direct exploration of archaeological evidence across the largest island in the Aegean. Our studies will embrace a long span of history, from the rise of complex societies in the Bronze Age through the modern era. Special emphasis will be given to the art and architecture in the Minoan civilization (3000-1000 BCE) preserved at palace centers, mountain shrines, and agricultural villages. We will explore points of continuity and change in the religious, political, and economic organization of society through the subsequent Greek, Roman, Venetian, Byzantine, and Ottoman periods. We will also examine the special place of Minoan imagery in the island's current identity forged through its unique heritage. Credit: 0.5 unit(s) Prerequisites: 200-level course in Classical Studies or related field. Application required.($3850) Instructor: Brian Burns

EXTD 125 Making a Difference through Engineering Fieldwork

Fieldwork experience over Wintersession for implementing and assessing projects developed in EXTD 120. Students will spend the majority of Wintersession in a developing country (e.g., Nicaragua or El Salvador), primarily living with community members. They will deliver projects developed in EXTD 120, assess these and previously-delivered projects, and identify new projects. Development and practice of skills needed for engineering fieldwork: interview methods, cross-cultural observation, creative capacity building, rapid design iteration, device building with limited supplies and co-creation. Credit: 0.5 Unit(s) Prerequisites: EXTD 120 and by written application. ($2380) Instructor: Amy Banzaert.

Please contact the sponsoring department or relevant faculty director for further information about course content, pre-requisites, application process and deadlines, dates and costs. 

Wellesley students may participate in no more than one college-sponsored wintersession course abroad. Financial aid is available to eligible students and is awarded in proportion to aid received for study at Wellesley during the academic year. All students receive a grant of $1000 regardless of need. The next $1000 is awarded in the form of a subsidized loan. If this does not cover demonstrated need, any additional aid is awarded in the form of a grant.

Cancellation: Students who withdraw from the program after confirming their participation are liable for a cancellation fee of $200 or the sum of non-recoverable costs, whichever is greater. Financial aid does not apply. 


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