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Golden Pavilion Kyoto
Tower Rome

Each January, Wellesley College faculty run short-term study abroad courses open to Wellesley and MIT students.

Courses offered in 2015 include:

Tropical Biology Costa Rica & Belize (BISC 308) - Martina Koeniger & Simone Heully
Wintersession in Morocco (HIST 290) - Wil Rollman
Wintersession in Barcelona (SPAN 258) - Carlos Ramos
Wintersession in Kyoto (REL 290) - Jim Kodera
Wintersession in East Africa (SWA 120) - Geofred Osoro
Wintersession in Berlin (GER202W) - Thomas Nolden
Intensive Italian in Rome (ITAS 202) - Flavia Laviosa
Please contact the sponsoring department or relevant faculty director for further information about course content, pre-requisites, application process and deadlines, dates and costs. 

Wellesley students may participate in no more than one college-sponsored wintersession course abroad. Financial aid is available to eligible students and is awarded in proportion to aid received for study at Wellesley during the academic year. All students receive a grant of $1000 regardless of need. The next $1000 is awarded in the form of a subsidized loan. If this does not cover demonstrated need, any additional aid is awarded in the form of a grant.

Cancellation: Students who withdraw from the program after confirming their participation are liable for a cancellation fee of $200 or the sum of non-recoverable costs, whichever is greater. Financial aid does not apply.