Storage Policy

We encourage students to begin packing before exam period. Students may store belongings in their current hall only.  

Please note that all storage in the residence halls is at your own risk. Only students returning to residence halls for the following semester may store belongings. Graduating seniors and students going on leave or exchange may not store their belongings on campus.  

Do not use residence hall storage for any item that you may need before the halls open in the fall.  Access to storage areas will not be available until that then. You will not be allowed to drop-off items into your room during the summer due to the preparation of the halls.   

Storage labels will be generated by the Office of Residential Life. Your Area Coordinator or Resident Director will inform you of the procedure for distribution of labels.

You must move your own belongings into the storage areas. 

Storage Label Distribution and Use

  • Rising sophomores, juniors and seniors returning to residence for the fall semester will receive storage labels which must be attached to all stored items. 
  • Students within a 300-mile radius of the college will receive no storage labels. 
  • Students residing within a 300-600 mile radius and who live in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania will receive 2 storage labels. 
  • All other rising sophomores, juniors and seniors will receive 4 storage labels. 
  • The label should indicate your name, class, extension, and residence hall for fall term. 
  • The space restrictions will not allow for students to share labels.  The above number of labels will determine the maximum number of boxes allowed per student in the storage rooms on campus.

We highly recommend students purchase plastic storage bins to use in our campus storage rooms. The size limits will be 20 gallons or 22"x16"x16".

  • Each student is allowed to store one item per label, within the following limits:
  • 1 refrigerator (2.5 cub. ft.) cleaned & defrosted, for one label. Taller are 2 labels.
  • 1 suitcase for one label.
  • 1 plastic, heavy-duty bag for one label.
  • 1 boxed bicycle must have 2 labels attached.
  • 1 plastic bin 22" 16" 16"


Absolutely NO rugs, furniture, bookcases, loose items, unboxed bikes, or oversized boxes of any kind may be stored. Such items will be removed and discarded. You may not leave anything outside the storage area. Items left improperly will be discarded, and a $50 fine per item will be charged.

You must be able to lift your own boxes without assistance to any shelf in the storage room. Please be aware of the weight of your boxes.

Please note that items may be rearranged to maximize space and your items may not be exactly where you left them when you return in the fall.

when you are ready to store your belongings, be sure your storage items clearly display the label with your name and fall residence hall address. Please check your residence hall conference for times and dates of storage hours. There will be no access to storage areas after 5:00pm on THursday, May 31, 2015. Those students exempt from the departure deadline will have access to storage areas until 8:00pm on FRiday, May 29, 2015.