Faculty or staff advising plays an important role in the success of the Tanner Conference

A student will approach a Wellesley faculty or staff member about serving as her advisor. Advisors should work with the student and help her draft her Tanner abstract. If the abstract is accepted, the advisor should then meet with the student to help plan her presentation. Prior to the Tanner Conference, the advisor might have the student present a “dress rehearsal” of her Tanner presentation. The advisor can provide guidance on the substance of the presentation as well as suggestions for making the presentation engaging and effective. Students can benefit a great deal from advisor advice on how much material to present; what to focus on; how to make use of visuals and PPT slides; and how to deliver their presentation. It is expected that the advisor will attend their advisee’s presentations on the day of the conference. 




"Tanner is about integrating what you learn about society with what you learn from society, what you learn with the heart with what you learn with the head, and what you learn at Wellesley with what you learn away from Wellesley. It is about how we learn for life."

-Lidwien Kapteijns, Professor of History