Related Courses Applicable to the Major

AFR 207
Images of Africana People through the Cinema

AFR 222
Images of Women and Blacks in American Cinema

AFR 266
Black Drama

ARTH 364
Women Filmmakers: History and Theory of Subversion

ARTS 165
Introduction to Video Production

ARTS 265
Intermediate Video Production

CAMS 175
Introduction to Cinema Studies

CAMS 231
Film as Art

ENG 112
Introduction to Shakespeare

ENG 127
Modern European and American Drama

ENG 223
Shakespeare Part I: The Elizabethan Period

ENG 224
Shakespeare Part II: The Jacobean Period

ENG 320
Literary Cross Currents

ENG 324
Advanced Studies in Shakespeare

ENG 325
Advanced Studies in Sixteenth- and
Seventeenth-Century Literature

FREN 222
French Cinema

FREN 313
George Sand and the Romantic Theatre

GER 252
Drama as Text and Performance

GER 280
Film in Germany 1919-1999

ITAS 212
Italian Women Directors: The Female Authorial Voice in
Italian Cinema (in English)

ITAS 261
Italian Cinema

ITAS 311
Theatre, Politics, and the Arts in Renaissance Italy

JPN 251
Japanese Writers and Their Worlds

JPN 256
Japanese Film: The Restaging of a Culture

PHIL 203
Philosophy of Art

RUSS 278
The Stories and Plays of Anton Chekhov

SPAN 300
Honor, Monarchy, and Religion in the Golden Age Drama

WOST 249
Asian American Women in Film and Video



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