A Still from Motherhood Outloud, playing April 10th-13th

Letter from the Chair:

Last summer I took a cross-country rail trip that brought me from Boston to San Francisco and back. In the course of that trip I met fascinating and soulful human beings from around the world. There was a young Iraqi couple embarking on married life together, an Australian barrister who loved a children’s book and convinced me to adapt it for the stage, a mid-western woman leaving sadness and worry behind to reconnect with distant family at a reunion, a ski enthusiast who left corporate life to pursue his passion and find joy. All these people had stories, rich and varied and so powerfully human in their depth and color. I was struck anew by how lucky I am to work in a profession where stories form the basis, the framework for our days and nights. We are all storytellers in our own way. Whether we do it in journals, in conversations, in paintings, plays or Instagram we tell our story. We want someone, somewhere to hear and understand the journey of our life. On that train, as the towns and trees sped by, it occurred to me once more that just as swiftly our years here on earth slip away. We are telling our story every single day in myriad ways. We don’t know the ending, we only know the moments of gladness, grace and courage that see us through. As we embark upon this new season I can honestly say to myself and to all of you: “the journey is the destination.”


Nora Hussey

Director of Theatre and Theatre Studies, Wellesley College