The Alumnae Association furthers the interests of Wellesley College and its alumnae by connecting alumnae to the College and to each other.

The Association serves as a lifelong resource and encourages alumnae to contribute to the continued excellence of the College. The Wellesley College Alumnae Association (WCAA) is an independent organization that was chartered in 1880 and incorporated in 1916. The original WCAA structure followed the traditional format shared by all alumnae associations of the Seven Sisters colleges at that time.

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The Association numbers nearly 35,000. It includes:

  • active members: graduates of Wellesley College, former students who were degree candidates for at least one term and whose classes have graduated, and degree candidates who left in honorable circumstances before completing one term and request membership in the Association after their classes have graduated
  • associate members: non-degree candidates who request enrollment and Continuing Education/Davis Scholars who completed three courses before leaving the program and who request enrollment
  • honorary members: members nominated by the board of directors and elected at the Association's annual meeting

All active members may run for office, vote in elections, and receive Wellesley, the alumnae magazine, free of charge. In addition, they may participate in a variety of programs and volunteer opportunities. Learn more here.

Relationship to the College

The Association is an independent, self governing organization created by the alumnae of Wellesley College in 1880. It maintains substantial representation on the board of trustees of the College, with four alumnae trustees, a young alumnae trustee, and the president of the Association, who serves ex officio and with vote. On administrative and programming fronts, Association volunteers and staff work closely with the Office of Admission, Career Education, Development Office, President’s Office, and other College offices.

In 1952, during the 75th Anniversary Fund campaign, the Alumnae Association Board and the Board of Trustees began to rethink the fundraising role of the Association. The decision was made to change the Association’s mission and since then, all fund raising for the College has come through the Development Office. The Alumnae Association continues to work closely and have a strong partnership with the Development Office.