All on-campus posters must include contact information, a name, and an expiration date. Posters may only be placed inside buildings and in places designated for such posters.

Definition of Posters

Posters are material with information on them. This includes posters in the traditional sense, table tents, and fliers.

Contact Information

Contact information can consist of either a telephone number (or campus extension) or a college issued email address.


A name need only be a first name, but must be the name of the person for whom the contact information is.

Expiration Date

This can either be the date of an event that a poster is advertising for or another date before commencement of the school year the poster is posted for. If posters are for a specific event, the date of that event can serve as the expiration date. If the poster is not for a specific event, then another expiration date needs to be specified.

Designated Postering Areas

In certain buildings on campus, there are bulletin boards that have labels designated them for certain types of posters (i.e. dorm related posters only, on-campus events only, etc.). Posters should be placed only in areas that are designated for the type of poster being posted. Each dorm may have rules in addition to these regarding posters. Those rules should be abided by and will be posted by the dorm's House President or a representative of the House President at the bell desk of every dorm.

Chalkings and Banners

Because of the nature of chalkings and banners, it is not always reasonable to expect that contact information will be written along with some chalkings or banners. However, the day when chalking does occur on campus or a banner is hung, the individual(s) or organization(s) responsible need to post on an electronic bulletin designated for general community use explaining what the chalkings are for and who can be contacted with questions about the chalkings or banner(s). Chalkings should only be placed in areas where they will be washed away by rain.

  1. Any chalking in inappropriate places shall be reported to Senate Policy and Ethics Committee Chair.
  2. SPEC Chair shall email the responsible person(s) and/or organization(s) to clean up her/their chalkings.
  3. The responsible party has three days to clean up her chalking.
  4. If the chalking still exists three days after the Chair has sent out her warning email, a $25 fine will be imposed upon the responsible party.
  5. The $25 fine would be for each incident, not each chalking of the same incident.
  6. The collected fines shall be transferred to the Finance Committee.

Violations of the Poster Policy

If posters are found that violate the poster policy they can be removed and discarded. It would be polite to use the contact information to inform the owners of the posters why they are being removed. Posters that are hung that abide by the poster policy should not be written on, removed, destroyed, made unreadable, or otherwise tampered with to destroy their original purpose. If it is suspected that this has happened to a poster, then one of the General Judiciary Omsbudspersons should be contacted about the situation. If you have a problem with the content of the poster, then the contact information should be used to inform the owner of the poster about your concerns.