Four friends sitting and talking on the stone pathway leading up to Green Hall.

Amplify is all about amplifying your voice, empowering change, and redefining leadership.

It’s open to high school juniors and seniors and transfer students! Amplify's virtual sessions include:

💪 Leadership with a Lowercase 'L' (ft. the Dean of Admission)

🏫 Students as Leaders, Leaders as Students (ft. Wellesley Student Leaders)

👯 Leadership & Collaboration (ft. Wellesley Faculty)

Session descriptions

Ever question what it means to be a leader? Yeah. Us too. For too long, leadership has suffered from a singular (read: restrictive, boring) definition, one that evokes a loud voice and a dominating presence, one that defines leadership as something exclusive to student body presidents and captains of the softball team. In this session, our presenters will reframe leadership as a quality not so singularly defined—one that can be bold, as well as measured and collaborative, one that can manifest in actions both big and small, and one that any person, no matter their title or position, can leverage to affect change.

At Wellesley (and beyond!) a key way students develop strength in leadership is by witnessing in action (and working alongside) leaders that inspire them. Join this conversation with Wellesley faculty to learn how working with your professors (through research, independent study, mentorship, and more!) will ground your perspective on leadership in collaboration and help you to cultivate the skills required for effective leadership.

Today, more than ever, the burden (and privilege) of leadership has found students, with the world looking to younger generations for bold and effective action. In this panel with current Wellesley student leaders, we’ll discuss what it means to be a student leader today, the extent to which student leaders can change the world, and how to balance the hard work of student life with the powerful potential of leadership.