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Let the visiting commence!

You want to visit! Excellent. We’d love to meet you.

Side note: We made a list of tips for making the most of college visits in our College Planner. We’re organized like that.

To plan your campus visit:

  1. Consider your options: Tours, information sessions, class visits, overnights and more. What do you want to do during your visit? Browse the activities below and decide what you want to do during your Wellesley visit.
  2. Pick your date: We don’t offer every option on every day. Check out our calendar to see what activities are available on that specific date.
  3. Register using our online system. All visitors and guests must register at least 24 hours prior to arrival on campus. The sooner you book your visit, the more visit options you are likely to have. Our interviews, overnights, and class visits fill up quickly.
  4. Review the parking instructions and directions to campus.


Accessibility and Disability Resources ♿:

If you require any accommodations for your visit, please call us at 781-283-2270 and ask to speak with our Accessibility and Disability Resources Liaison. We kindly ask for three days advance notice whenever possible.

School counselors and other visitors:

Visitors without prospective applicants should not register. Our registration system can only accommodate prospective students; registering online for a visit will categorize you as a prospective applicant. Please call 781-283-2270 to register.

Campus activities
students touring campus

Campus Tours

Student-led campus tours are available most weekdays and some Saturday mornings.

  • Self-guided tours 👟 are available any time. Pick up a walking tour map outside of the Office of Admission or view the map online.
  • Arrive 20 minutes early ⏰ to park and check in. Scheduled tours depart promptly and given the size of our campus it is very difficult for latecomers to catch up to the group.
  • Accessibility ♿: Tours last 70 minutes. The route is a mile long and includes stairs and hills. If you need an accessible tour route or are bringing a stroller, call 781-283-2270 in advance. We kindly ask for as much advance notice as possible so we can best accommodate you.
  • Still have questions after your tour and information session 🤔🤔 Each day, an “on-call” admission counselor is available in the Office of Admission lobby to answer any lingering admission and financial aid questions.
  • Groups 👥 of 10 or more require a separate reservation. See Special Groups.

Register for a campus tour

students sitting in a classroom

Information Sessions

To achieve peak-ish Wellesley, we recommend that you attend both an information session and a campus tour.

  • Each information session ⏰ lasts about 50 minutes. Our senior student admission representatives lead the information sessions. Topics include the first-year experience, classroom dynamics, research opportunities, internships, study abroad, the benefits of attending a women’s college, and the admission and financial aid process.
  • Information sessions are offered most weekdays 📆 in April, June, July, August, and October. There are occasional Saturday morning information sessions in the fall and April.
  • In months when we don’t offer information sessions, campus tours include details normally presented in the information sessions ℹ️.
  • Please arrive at the Office of Admission at least 15 minutes before ⏰your session. The presentation space is a short walk away. If you’re five to 10 minutes late, we can usually give you directions to catch up with the group on your own. Visitors who are 15 minutes late or more will be accommodated to the best of our ability.
  • Still have questions after your tour and information session 🤔🤔 Each day, an “on-call” admission counselor is available in the Office of Admission lobby to answer any lingering admission and financial aid questions.

Register for an information session

student being interviewed


A one-on-one interview is a great way to discover if Wellesley is the right place for you.

Leave your suit and resume at home, but bring your questions. We’ll talk about what excites you, what you’re most looking forward to in college, how you like to learn, what you do for fun, and how Wellesley might match your goals and interests.

On-campus interviews are typically conducted by trained senior students. Applicants may have only one interview. If you have had or plan to have an on-campus interview, please do not request an off-campus interview, and vice-versa.

📆 Book your interview at least two weeks in advance for the best selection of dates and times.

When should I interview?

  • High school seniors and spring transfer candidates: June to early December
  • High school juniors: Beginning in April of your junior year
  • Fall transfer and Davis Degree Program candidates: January and February on select weekdays (spots fill up quickly)
    • All Davis Degree Program applicants are required to sit for an interview. The deadline to request an interview is March 1. 
  • Postbaccalaureate candidates: A phone interview with an admission counselor is required for all postbaccalaureate candidates. To schedule an interview, contact Molly Morrow, senior assistant director of admission, at 781-283-2270 or
    • Fall entry: You must request an interview by February 15.
    • Spring entry: You must request an interview by October 31.

Register for an on-campus interview

Kathy Moon teaching a class

Class Visits

Many professors are eager to open their classes to high school seniors, transfer candidates, and Davis Degree Program candidates.

An appointment is required and must be made at least one full business day before your visit. Classes at Wellesley are very small and typically there is space for just one or two visitors per class, so reserve your seat early. There’s no limit to the number of classes you may visit.

Most classes last 70 minutes, so plan for 90 minutes total (10 minutes extra on either end).

  • A class visit ticket is required. After registering online or in the Office of Admission, you must pick up your class visit ticket 🎟 from our office at least 30 minutes before your class begins. We are unable to give you a ticket if your class is beginning in less than 30 minutes. (For 8:30 a.m. classes, we will tape your ticket to our front door the night before. You will have until 8:00 a.m. to pick it up.)
  • See our calendar 📆 for the dates we offer class visits.
  • Class visits are held most weekdays. In the fall, they’re available from early October to late November. In the spring, they’re available from mid-February until late April.
  • Typical class start times ⏰ :
    • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:30 a.m., 9:50 a.m., 11:10 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 2:50 p.m., and 4:10 p.m.
    • Wednesday: 8:30 a.m., 9:50 a.m., 11:10 a.m., 2:15 p.m., and 3:35 p.m.
  • Arrive at your class 10 minutes early ⏰. Don't miss your chance to introduce yourself to the professor. Our campus is large, and you will need time to find your way to your classroom. Walking from the Office of Admission may take 10 to 15 minutes, so you’ll need to start walking to your classroom 20 minutes before class begins.
  • Class visit expectations: Current students and their professors take their class time 📚 together seriously. Please remember that you are a guest, and plan to remain for the entire class. Silence and put away your electronic devices.
  • We recommend that you book your visit even if class visit registration is not open yet, as space is limited ⚠️ for our campus tours and information sessions. If you book your campus visit before the registration opens, you will receive an email notification when registration it opens. (You’ll be able to amend your visit registration to include a class visit.)

Register for a class visit

students eating lunch together

Lunch With a Student

We invite prospective applicants to have lunch with a Wellesley student in a residence hall dining room. It’s a fun and effective way to learn more about Wellesley from someone immersed in the community. And lunch is on us!

Lunch visits are offered most weekdays, except during break and exam periods. 

  • Spaces fill quickly, so register early 📆. The earlier you register, the more likely it is we can pair you with a student who shares your interests. We typically begin taking appointments for the fall in early September and for the spring in mid-January.
  • Meet your lunch ambassador in the Office of Admission ten minutes before your lunch visit. Please arrive a little early ⏰; lunch is inside the (locked) residence halls, so we can’t catch up latecomers!
  • Fall lunch visits 🍽 are open to high school seniors as well as transfer and Davis Degree Program candidates who are within one year of applying.
  • Spring lunch visits 🍽 are open to high school juniors and seniors as well as transfer and Davis Degree Program candidates who are within one year of applying.

Register for a lunch visit

students in a dorm studying together

Overnight Stay With a Student

To really experience Wellesley’s residential life, we invite high school seniors to spend a night in a residence hall. A Wellesley student volunteer will be your host, and the Office of Admission will cover the cost of your dinner and breakfast.

The earlier you register, the more likely it is we can find a host who shares your interests.

  • Overnight 🌜visits are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in October and the first week of November. 
  • To stay overnight in the fall: You must be a high school senior, or a transfer or Davis Degree Program candidate within one year of applying. Registration for overnight visits begins in September. We ask for as much advance notice as possible—at a minimum, seven business days.
  • To stay overnight in April: You must be an accepted first-year student, or a “likely” Early Evaluation candidate. You must book your overnight visit at least seven full business days in advance (although more notice is always appreciated); space is limited, so reserve as early as possible! Registration for April overnight visits will be available after you receive your admission decision.

Register for an overnight visit

special group visit

Special Group Visits

Can I request a group 👥 visit?

We host groups of 10 or more prospective applicants and/or underserved populations of students seeking an introduction to the college search and application process.

What is included?

We offer two options for our group visitors: an information session and a campus tour.

  • Information Session: Topics include the first-year experience, classroom dynamics, research opportunities, internships, study abroad, the benefits of attending a women's college, and the admission and financial aid process.
  • Campus Tour: Focuses on the academic and social experience of the current Wellesley student. If someone in the group needs an ASL interpreter, please let us know when you book your visit and we will provide one.

Tours do not focus on campus architecture, in-depth campus or College history, or extended stories about prominent alumnae.

When can my group visit?

Groups may visit on most weekdays when our students are not on break or in exam period.    

If you’re a counselor who would like to bring a group of students to campus, we may be able to accommodate you with our regular visit options, or we may be able to offer special tours and information sessions.

Request and schedule your group visit

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