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👟😎 Student-Led Tour: Experience the Wellesley College campus with a student-led tour. This visit highlights the Wellesley community, academic offerings, and student life through each student’s unique perspective. This visit experience starts with brief introductions in the Office of Admission followed by a 60-minute campus tour. An admission counselor will be available after your tour to answer any lingering questions you may have!


👟🗺️ Self-Guided Tour: Stroll through Wellesley's historic, 500-acre campus at your own pace. Ft. dorms, academic buildings, the student center, and lots of gorgeous views. You choose the time and complete the self-guided tour at your own pace. Hint: it takes about an hour to complete the tour. 


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Side note: We made a list of tips for making the most of college visits in our College Planner. We’re organized like that.

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Campus Tours


Complete a self-guided or student-led tour of Wellesley's campus. Bring your walking shoes—the campus is 500 acres and you're hitting all the hotspots. Ft. dorms, academic buildings, the student center, and lots of gorgeous views. 





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“People feel so comfortable in our room and so welcome that it’s just the room they go to. It’s like the hangout room.”