Why Wellesley?

Why Wellesley?

Six Compelling Reasons
to take a careful look at Wellesley College as one of your college options.


Wellesley is affordable.
Definitely get a quick estimate of your costs to attend Wellesley and explore our financial aid; but first, consider these four profound thoughts.


Return on Investment
An analysis of the return on investment of a Wellesley education - from an economist's perspective.


First-Year Experience
The unique first-year experience at Wellesley will transform you! See Academic Options, Advising and Mentoring, and Shadow Grading.


After Wellesley
Take in some of the frankly astonishing places women go from here - including notable women leaders from Wellesley.


Why Wellesley? Six compelling reasons.

You already know that Wellesley has been providing an excellent liberal arts education for women since 1875. Here are six compelling things about Wellesley that even the powers of modern technology cannot fully express—yet we must try!

1. Affordability and cost

My IntuitionWe care about you, not your money. Our admission process is need-blind. In other words, we don’t consider your financial situation when we consider your application. We admit terrific people, and then we make sure Wellesley is possible for them. Because we meet 100 percent of our students’ calculated need, our students pay only what they can afford—nothing more. Get an early indication of how true this is by using Wellesley's Quick College Cost Estimator

Our average annual scholarship aid award—money that does not need to be repaid—is more than $39,000. Our no-loan and reduced-loan programs mean that our graduates leave Wellesley with some of the lowest debt (in many cases none at all) of any students in the country. Learn more on the Student Financial Services site.

The finance publisher Kiplinger named Wellesley in the top 10 "Best College Values, 2017." These 10 schools are the top-scoring schools in Kiplinger's combined ranking, which compares private universities, private liberal arts colleges, and public colleges nationwide. Their definition of best value includes a blend of academic quality and affordability. Kiplinger also ranked Wellesley #6 in "colleges with lowest average graduating debit, 2017." See article.

2. The alumnae network

NetworkIt’s global, it’s interconnected, and it is, frankly, awe-inspiring. It’s tens of thousands of women who graduated from Wellesley, know why Wellesley matters, and want to support the next generation of women here. But here’s the amazing thing: When you’re a student here, it feels very close, very real. You’ll see these women on campus, you’ll call them when you need an internship in Senegal or a place to stay in Seattle, you’ll ask them for advice or inspiration or a meal. And they will deliver. This is possibly related to elusive thing #6. See After Wellesley.  Alumnae Achievement Awards.

3. The community

CommunityForty percent of our students are people of color, 10 percent are international students, nearly 60 percent receive financial aid, and we’re home to more than 45 student-run multicultural organizations. The numbers matter, but the experience is what counts. And the experience, which includes working alongside people who don’t think or act like you, learning first-hand about other ways of living, and being part of an actual global community, is transformative. 

4. Academic and experiential learning

Academic and experiential learningTo say that Wellesley is a college of the liberal arts and sciences is merely to say that we offer more than 50 majors; hundreds of funded internships around the world; and hundreds of opportunities to do research, engage with communities, and collaborate with leaders around that same world–and that you have a free hand in deciding how all of those things fit together to become an education. Which isn’t so mere at all. 

FacultyOur faculty encompass more than just “the teacher who opened my mind” or “the person who wrote the recommendation that blew away the scholarship committee” or “the world-renowned neuroscientist who always seems to have time to talk about my plans” or “the person who showed me what it means to love, really love, what you do.” They’re just supernaturally talented people who are also grounded and generous and dedicated to your advancement. Is there an emoticon for that? There is not. 

5. Tangible and intangible value

ValueOur scholarships, our funded internships, our programs supporting research and study abroad and innovative projects on campus and in communities around the world have a tangible value. Our libraries, our scientific equipment, our playing fields, our art museum, our collaborative relationships with MIT and other fine colleges and universities... you could put a number on that. But it all adds up to something more. And it may not even mean as much as the example (and the active involvement) of our alumnae, tens of thousands of extraordinarily accomplished, fiercely loyal women who are living proof of the value of a Wellesley education.  Also, see Career Education, Wellesley's new career education model for the liberal arts—an approach designed with the mission of preparing and inspiring every Wellesley student to craft a lifetime of opportunity and reach her full potential. 

6. Sisterhood

SisterhoodIt’s partly about shared traditions like Flower Sunday, step-singing, and hoop rolling. It’s partly about the revelation that all the most courageous, most provocative, most accomplished people on campus are women. It’s partly about the simple, lifelong joy of being friends with those women. It’s mostly about 2,300 smart, singular women feeling the power of being 2,300 smart, singular women together, with the world (starting with Boston and Cambridge) before them.