Welcome to the Biochemistry Program at Wellesley College!

Biochemistry is an interdisciplinary program involving students and faculty with an interest in the exciting interface of chemistry and biology

This program includes fields often called biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, as well as other molecular aspects of the life sciences. Expertise in biochemistry is central to breakthroughs in DNA technology, drug discovery and design, and molecular approaches to disease.

The inherently interdisciplinary approach of biochemistry provides an excellent background for many different career paths. Some students pursue careers in basic research through graduate studies or jobs in areas such as biotechnology, bioengineering, pharmacology, or clinical chemistry. These alumna end up in a wide range of potential workplaces, including universities and colleges, government agencies, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, research institutes, state and federal forensic and environmental labs. Other students apply their skills by entering programs in the health professions, such as medicine, dentistry and public health. Recent graduates have also entered fulfilling careers in teaching, law and business.