“We have authored research documents on a wide range of labor issues, from exploitative employment contracts in textile factories to sexual harassment on tea estates.”

“Our library work allows us to interact with a multitude of subjects that we would otherwise not have been exposed to and has opened our eyes to a wide variety of topics that our majors may not cover.”

“Spending two months in Delhi and directly seeing the impact of this NGO’s work has made us grow as students and as individuals.”

“I’ve learned that at its core, medicine is all about creating an environment where relationships can be fostered and grown.”

“Detroit has opened my eyes to the role of the built environment in creating a sense of place for its inhabitants.”

“Working on multiple ongoing projects has pushed us to become adaptive, composed professionals.”

“A typical day at the office consists of research and report-writing on topics such as public access to information, governmental corruption and financial crimes, and Argentinian geopolitical relations.”

Learn About Careers in Public Health

Marisa Crowley
Marisa Crowley ’05

Public health is a wide ranging, interdisciplinary pathway with the goals of protecting and improving the health of individuals, families, communities, and populations at local and global levels.

“As an intern with the ABC Beijing bureau, I find myself assigned to a variety of tasks, but much of it is helping to research stories, and I’ve even had chance to write a story of my own!”

How to Apply for Signature Internship Programs

Lorraine Hanley ’98

We want all internship applicants to feel prepared and confident. Learn about application requirements and how to prepare your materials.

“I’ve definitely created new roots beyond reconnecting to my Asian heritage, and I hope that I’m one step closer to being a true citizen of the world.”

“Medicine is about studying how life works, but the practice of medicine is also learning about life through other people. I have appreciated the opportunity to experience both this summer.”

“From the beginning, I was open to learning about this simplistic Japanese way of life and the Japanese work ethic based on old customs of respect, politeness, and nature appreciation from my students, my friends, and my coworkers. I was able to see rural Japan and the rest of the world through their eyes. "

Lumpkin Summer Institute for Service Learning

Lorraine Hanley ’98

The Lumpkin Summer Institute for Service Learning offers students the opportunity to work in Boston-based non-profits geared toward social change and community engagement.

Elisabeth Luce Moore ’24 Internships in Asia

Lorraine Hanley ’98

The Elisabeth Luce Moore ‘24 Summer Internships in Asia program aims to prepare students for lives and careers in a globalized world through cultural immersion and meaningful professional opportunities.

Global Citizenship Internships

Lorraine Hanley ’98

These internships provide students the opportunity to work with international organizations and communities around the world and hone cultural competency leadership skills.

Biomedical Research and Health Internships

Lorraine Hanley ’98

Developed to expose our pre-health students to professional research opportunities, the Biomedical Research Internships provide an opportunity for students to learn skills related to research in healthcare today. Interns work with a mentor to conduct basic research in a laboratory or to contribute to the development of a research effort. Interns are expected to become familiar with the research approaches used by their mentors. At the mentor’s discretion, students may: develop a specific project within the research team; have shadowing opportunities with a health professional; and interact with patients and their families through volunteer experiences.

Sama Mundlay ’20 American Cities Internships

Lorraine Hanley ’98

The Sama Mundlay ‘20 American Cities Internships are designed for students who want to work in major U.S. cities and engage in the social, economic, and/or cultural realities of diverse urban environments

“From the beginning, my career mentor was there to brainstorm, encourage, and motivate me to pursue an internship that aligned with my interests.”