“I previously had dreams to be an author, but found myself called by the combination of logic, mystery, and truth in science.”

Technology & Engineering

Alexis Trench
Alexis Trench

If you are interested in using your technical knowledge, creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking skills in your career of choice, exploring opportunities in technology and engineering-related industries and sectors may be of interest to you. These industry areas are growing and innovating rapidly – opportunities that are unheard of today may be top options in a few years. Broadly speaking, employment in computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow 12 percent from 2014 to 2024, and employment of architecture and engineering occupations is projected to grow 3 percent (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015).

Computer Science

Alexis Trench
Alexis Trench

Computer science at Wellesley encompasses the broad application and theory of ideas relating to hardware and software. As an outcome, those studying computer science should leave with a broad understanding of how computing and technology applications work so that they can build computer applications of the future. Since technology is present in any and all industries and disciplines, the application of technical knowledge can be found in numerous career opportunities.

Learn about Career Education resources for alumnae at any career stage.

Are you an alumna who is seeking career support, or who wants to support Wellesley women?

Hear Jennifer Ritvo Hughes ’06 talk about how she used Career Education’s new website to tap into the most powerful women’s network in the world. She explains why you might want to explore all the resources career education has to offer and reconnect with Wellesley.

“Listen to your heart and use your head. Math and science ignited my imagination for as far back as I can remember.”

Industry Expertise for Alumnae: Arts & Media

Ariane Baker

Wellesley Career Education offers personalized advising and industry expertise for all fields, including Arts and Media. Ariane Baker is the advisor for these fields, and is available to every alumnae — regardless of her career stage — to share expertise in:

  • architecture
  • arts/design
  • entertainment
  • freelance
  • media/pr
  • writing/editing

Visit the Industry page for Arts and Media to explore careers in these fields.

Industry Expertise for Alumnae: Education, Nonprofit, and Social Impact

Wellesley Career Education offers personalized advising and industry expertise in the areas of Education, Nonprofit, and Human Services. Visit the page for Education, Nonprofit, and Human Services to learn about careers in highereducation, k12- education, nonprofits, social services, and other related fields.

Industry Expertise for Alumnae: Science, Engineering, Technology, and Public Health

Wellesley Career Education offers personalized advising in the fields of Science, Engineering, Technology, and Public Health. Visit the page for Science, Engineering, Technology and Public Health to explore these industries.

Industry Expertise for Alumnae: Government, International Affairs, Law, & Public Policy

Nicole D. Park

Wellesley Career Education offers personalized advising and industry expertise, including in the industries of Government, International Affairs, Law, and Public Policy. Learn more about working in:

  • government
  • international affairs
  • law
  • law enforcement
  • politics/advocacy
  • think tanks

Visit the page for Government, International Affairs, and Law to explore these industries.

Technology Internships for First Years and Sophomores

Alexis Trench
Alexis Trench

While it is true that many internship opportunities are geared towards students in their junior year, an increasing number of companies are creating first-year and/or sophomore-focused internship programs. Please note that this is certainly not an exhaustive list, and there are a number of additional companies that may not have first-year/sophomore specific programs, but that are first-year/sophomore-friendly.

Industry Expertise for Alumnae: Business, Consulting, Finance, & Marketing

Casey Hurley
Casey Hurley

Wellesley Career Education offers personalized advising and industry expertise in the areas of Business, Consulting, Finance, & Marketing. Visit the page for Business, Consulting, Finance, & Marketing to learn about careers in accounting, insurance, business, operations, consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, management, marketing, human resources, and more.

“Medicine is about studying how life works, but the practice of medicine is also learning about life through other people. I have appreciated the opportunity to experience both this summer.”

“I hear from the parents of Dynamo Girls whose daughters are on the cusp of taking great risks: at the top of mountains, at the sides of a pool, in the wings before going on stage, and the parents say to them—‘You can do this. You are a Dynamo Girl.’”

On-Campus Recruiting Program Policies (Students)

Sarah Isham
Sarah Isham

Career Education expects all students to abide by the following rules in order to maintain the success and integrity of Wellesley’s recruiting program.

The Wellesley Hive Mentee Resource: What is Mentorship?

Wellesley Career Education logo
Wellesley Career Education

The Wellesley Hive is a flexible, interactive virtual space for professional networking and mentorship. Whether you are a student or an alumnae (at any career stage), the the Hive is a platform to connect with the mentors in the Wellesley network. This resource is an overview of how to use the Hive to find short-term or long-term mentorship, informational interviews, job shadowing, and more.

The Wellesley Hive

The Wellesley Hive Mentor Resource: The Fundamentals of Successful Mentoring

Wellesley Career Education logo
Wellesley Career Education

The Wellesley Hive is a flexible, interactive virtual space for professional networking and mentorship — exclusively for Wellesley. This resource, authored by Sherry Holland '66, describes some key steps in building any successful mentoring relationship within the Hive platform.

The Wellesley Hive

Fulbright Program (rising seniors & graduates)

Kate Dailinger
Kate Dailinger

Supports a year (or occasionally more) of study or research abroad in any discipline, or year-long English teaching assistantships (ETAs) abroad in programs designed by the host countries. Eligible are graduating seniors and graduates who are US citizens. Campus application deadline for Wellesley students and graduates typically in August.

Wellesley College Graduate Fellowships (WCGF—seniors & graduates)

Kate Dailinger
Kate Dailinger

Wellesley College offers a number of fellowships and scholarships for graduate study or research open to Wellesley seniors and graduates. Two awards are open to women graduates of any American institution (the Schimke and the Shackford). Awards are usually made to applicants currently enrolled in or applying to graduate/professional school for the following academic year; there is a single common application process for most of these awards, and the campus deadline is typically in January.