Introduction to International Affairs

Marisa Crowley
Marisa Crowley ’05

A career in international affairs can be fueled by a passion to travel and a desire to learn about our global environment, effectuate change, and make a difference in the world. As an interdisciplinary field at Wellesley, the international affairs major exposes students to an array of perspectives and analytical methodologies that equip them to enter a workforce in a broad range of organizations and experiences. The work in international affairs can truly change the world; however, it is important to focus on the small steps that will maximize your success and lead you to a fruitful career in international affairs.

Industry Expertise for Alumnae: Science, Engineering, Technology, and Public Health

Wellesley Career Education offers personalized advising in the fields of Science, Engineering, Technology, and Public Health. Visit the page for Science, Engineering, Technology and Public Health to explore these industries.

Industry Expertise for Alumnae: Government, International Affairs, Law, & Public Policy

Nicole D. Park

Wellesley Career Education offers personalized advising and industry expertise, including in the industries of Government, International Affairs, Law, and Public Policy. Learn more about working in:

  • government
  • international affairs
  • law
  • law enforcement
  • politics/advocacy
  • think tanks

Visit the page for Government, International Affairs, and Law to explore these industries.

Job Shadowing

Advisors for Career Exploration

What better way to learn about a particular career path, industry, company, or role than experiencing it yourself? If you want to learn more about a specific path before committing to an internship or job, consider “shadowing” an individual who currently works in the field as a way to experience a typical workday in that career.

How to Use a Career Fair as an Exploration Opportunity

Advisors for Career Exploration

Career fairs are a great opportunity to explore and learn more about professional paths and opportunities and to practice networking. By attending a career fair, you’re able to speak with representatives from multiple organizations during one event. In your conversations, you will be able to learn about each organization — its values, work culture...etc. — and the types of opportunities they typically hire for.