Mar 8, 2024

ACLU Pauli Murray Fellowship - direct application deadline

Eligible are those who will have a bachelor's degree by September 2024 and are seeking an entry-level role with the ACLU. Candidates should have a demonstrated commitment or interest to leadership, service, civil rights and civil liberties. They should be eligible to work in the United States through the duration of the program (September 2024 - March 2026), and committed to completing the full 18 months of the Fellowship.

Postgraduate, Service

The ACLU's Pauli Murray Fellowship, founded in honor of the Reverend Dr. Pauli Murray – activist, legal theorist, author, Episcopal priest, and former ACLU board member – is for college graduates who have overcome systemic barriers to achievement. It is designed for individuals eager to embark on a career in the nonprofit sector, with a focus on organizational and operations aspects of nonprofits advancing civil rights and civil liberties. The program will...

Apr 19, 2024

Global Sustainability Scholars RaMP-UP Fellows Program - expected direct application deadline

Eligible are US citizens who have have completed a bachelor’s degree focused on Biology or similar fields - for example, environmental sciences - within the past four years. If you are graduating in May 2024, you are eligible.

Postgraduate, Research/Gradschool, Travel

The Global Sustainability Scholars RaMP-UP Fellows Program offers a one-year paid research experience with Smithsonian Scientists and a cohort of peers in the Tropics. Come away with a robust research experience, scientific products, an international professional network, a peer network, and strong mentors to advocate for their careers. 

A cohort of 10-12 RaMP-UP Fellows spend a year engaged in BioDiversity studies with Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) Scientists. Embedded in the tropical...