Resources for First Generation College Students

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Navigating the college experience is complex affair, especially if it is a new context for you and your family. Below you will find resources that illuminate pathways to success during the college experiences, as well as some financial, networking, and career opportunities geared toward first generation college students.

“I’m glad I decided to pursue Fulbright. It gave me an opportunity to share my unique experience as an immigrant and first-generation college student, not only with my Chinese colleagues, but also with other international students at Northwest University, who rarely meet Chinese Americans.“ 

“In a given week, I might be working with our program staff who are based around the US, Canada and the UK to design learning experiences for teachers; meeting with partner organizations to plan collaborative projects; consulting with filmmakers or scholars who want to reach students; or researching and writing about challenging issues for educators.... It’s probably unusual to stay at one place for so long, but I’ve always been able to answer ‘yes’ to a few key questions: Am I learning? Is my world getting bigger? Is my work making a difference?”