The Gig Economy

Ariane Baker

If full-time, permanent, salaried positions are difficult to find in the area you want to work (as is often the case in creative fields), gig work, freelancing, or a side hustle related to your interests could be a good way to gain experience and build your resume. Gig work can also be a path to meeting life’s practical obligations while honing your craft or perusing creative goals.

Industry Expertise for Alumnae: Arts & Media

Ariane Baker

Wellesley Career Education offers personalized advising and industry expertise for all fields, including Arts and Media. Ariane Baker is the advisor for these fields, and is available to every alumnae — regardless of her career stage — to share expertise in:

  • architecture
  • arts/design
  • entertainment
  • freelance
  • media/pr
  • writing/editing

Visit the Industry page for Arts and Media to explore careers in these fields.

Design and Illustration

Ariane Baker

Design and illustration careers begin with a portfolio of client-based or self-inspired work that displays your talent, style, and creative thinking. While there are full-time positions in the field of design, there are fewer full-time opportunities for illustrators. For this reason, many illustrators work as designers and illustration is a part of their job.

“There’s usually a job out there, somewhere, that combines the skills you've chosen to develop, and usually, over coffee with an old Wellesley friend, you'll figure out what that job is.”