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Resources for Undocumented Students and Students Qualified for DACA

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This document offers links to on- and off-campus resources and supports for undocumented students. Due to the ever-changing nature of this issue, these resources may quickly become outdated or less applicable to any given person. While we make an effort to keep these resources up-to-date, please check on current developments when using the information below. You can also make an appointment to meet with someone in Career Education for additional career-related support.

Resources for Students & Alumnae of Distinct Populations (Preparing to Apply to Health Profession Schools)

Cindy Seltzer, Ed.D., MBA

A crucial topic in healthcare today is how to eliminate inequities in the quality and availability of medical care for ethnic, racial, social, and economic minorities. There is an urgent need to increase both the diversity and cultural competence of our health care workforce. Learn about resources for underrepresented students and alumnae across distinct populations.