Comparative Literature

Gwendolyn Brooks
Vladimir Nabokov
Allen Ginsburg

Comparative Literature


Using literary texts as its base of inquiry, Comparative Literature promotes the study of intercultural relations that cross national boundaries, multicultural relations within a particular society, and the interactions between literature and other forms of human activity, including the arts, the sciences, philosophy, and cultural artifacts of all kinds.

Goals for the Comparative Literature Major

- Practice and refine skills in the analysis of literary texts, genres and literary movements across departmental, national, and linguistic boundaries as well as in relationship to other arts and media.


- Learn to recognize and apply key concepts of theoretical approaches to cultural and textual studies.


- Acquire an overview of the history and disciplines of comparative literature and world literature, especially as they evolve in the current global literary moment.


- Acquire a thorough understanding of the dynamics presented by a literary text in translation and adaptation.  

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