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Zoom Meeting Status Updates

Zoom Update - Action Required before May 30th

Zoom has released a new version of their client with enhanced security protection. All Zoom users must download the updated Zoom Client For Meetings before May 30, 2020. After May 30, 2020, all Zoom clients prior to version 5 will receive a forced upgrade when trying to join Zoom meetings. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact the Help Desk at or 781-283-3333.




Digital Scholarship Day 2020

Our seventh annual Digital Scholarship Day will be the first to be held virtually. To make it more accessible to all members of the Wellesley community regardless of location or other responsibilities, this year’s Digital Scholarship “Day” will span the months of May and June, with a formal launch after projects and data have been collected for presentation.

We invite students, faculty and staff to share digital scholarship that they’ve worked on this year, at any stage of completion. Examples of topics and media could include:

  • New teaching techniques or innovative assignments you’ve developed (either before or during COVID)

  • Student research - independent studies, thesis research, innovative class work

  • Any research/presentation you had originally planned on sharing in another conference

  • Video of you talking about your work/research

  • Digital poster originally intended for Ruhlman or some other conference

  • How-to video on a topic of your choosing

If you have a project or expertise you’d like to share, please email it to and include a brief description. Submissions will be published on the DS Day website in June.


2020 Student Library Research Award Winners


The Student Library Research Award Evaluation Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2020 Student Library Research Awards, sponsored by the Friends of the Wellesley College Library (more about the awards).


Award recipients demonstrated a thoughtful, methodical, and scholarly approach to research and diverse use of library resources, which contributed to their ability to produce a high-quality research project.


Megan McNally '20 has won the 300-level Award for her ARTH 328 paper, "Sorrel in God’s Garden: Fra Angelico’s Frescoes at San Marco.” Supporting faculty: Jacqueline Musacchio


Anya Sheldon '20 has won the 100/200-level Award for her AFR/ARTH 264 paper, "Pair of Crayfish Claws: The Journey to Immortalization." Supporting faculty: Nikki Greene


Kari Gottfried '23 has won the First Year Award for her POL1 317 paper, "Conversations Matter: Why Medicare (Unlike Medicaid and the Veterans Health Administration) Cannot Negotiate Prescription Drug Prices." Supporting faculty: Tom Burke


Anna Mervosh '22 received an honorable mention for her ES/HIST 299 paper: “‘From Freeway to Greenway:’ The Story of Boston’s Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway.” Supporting faculty: Jay Turner


The winning entries will be available soon in the Wellesley College Digital Repository


More info: Karen Storz,