collage of people
Clockwise from top right: Courtyard of the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum, Emily Quin ’22, Rita Lyu ’23, Chloe Ratte ’23, Regina Gallardo ’23, Gallardo (again), Lianne Quaynor ’24, Julia Boca ’22, and Karishma Gottfried ’23.

Live Music, Food, and Art in Boston: Students Make Plans For a COVID-Safe Fall

Josh Idaszak
September 17, 2021

Wellesley just welcomed its entire community back to campus for the first time since March 2020. While a return to a more normal academic year is cause for celebration, students are also excited to reconnect with all that Boston has to offer, as the city continues to open up after pandemic-induced shutdowns.

Though COVID-19 health and safety measures remain in place, Wellesley students are permitted to leave campus and go into Boston, under the guidelines provided by the Office of Student Life.

Here’s a snapshot of what Wellesley students are planning to explore in the Boston area this fall:

Julia Boca ’22, neuroscience and psychology
I am looking forward to the Madison Beer concert at House of Blues coming up this fall. Madison’s music has helped me get through extremely hard times, and she is also such a beautiful human. I am truly excited to go to my first concert in the United States. I haven’t yet bought the tickets, as I am still trying to convince my boyfriend, but she is definitely a must.

Moreover, I had just conceived a list of things I need to do in Boston before I graduate when the pandemic hit. My top choices will be buying the latest novels at the Mary Baker Eddy Library and visiting the Mapparium to stare at their planet-like ceiling. Those pictures should be Instagram-worthy as I am kind of obsessed with getting the right picture. And since I turned 22, I haven’t had a chance to properly celebrate my birthday with my Wellesley friends, so I was hoping I would get to taste some wine at the Urban Grape.

Mila Cuda ’22, English and creative writing
More than anything, I am looking forward to spending time with my girlfriend. We are eager to get back on the commuter rail, have a cannoli in the North End, and take a day trip to Rockport. I’m excited for the leaves to change and the pumpkin patches to open up—for the world to turn bright orange, for the taste of fresh cider. Additionally, I can’t wait to dig through the discount pile at the Garment District!

Regina Gallardo ’23, art history and Latin American studies
I am looking forward to going to museums and galleries around the Boston area with my friends. As an art history student, I am very lucky to go to school so close to a cultural place like Boston. I’ve missed the feeling of excitement of getting on the bus and walking around the city to reach the galleries. I am particularly excited to go to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum to see a new special exhibition on Titian. I am also looking forward to paying a visit to Praise Shadows Art Gallery, a gallery that seeks to support young people in the arts. I have actually never been in person but avidly follow them on social media and therefore I am very happy I’ll be able to visit them in the fall. I know that by following COVID safety protocols provided by Wellesley and the institutions I visit, I will be able to keep myself and others safe.

Kari Gottfried ’23, religion
I am overjoyed about being able to attend in-person outdoor services at The Sanctuary Boston. Sanctuary was my home away from home my first year, as I looked for meaningful spiritual community outside of the Wellesley bubble. After a year-plus of virtual Zoom services and a new job as coordinator for Sanctuary Campus ministry, I’m looking forward to being able to connect with other college students from around the Boston area who are spiritual but not religious, atheist, agnostic, Unitarian Universalist, and beyond!

Lianne Quaynor ’24, undeclared
Coming on campus for the first time this year, I look forward not only to exploring Boston’s history and culture, but most importantly, being a foodie, I can’t wait to partake in the local food culture! I believe food is an important part of any experience. I’m excited to try Boston’s classic foods, from New England clam chowder from Boston Sail Loft to Pauli’s lobster rolls to Flour Bakery & Café’s Boston cream pie. Hopefully the public health situation gets better regarding COVID, but if not I can hopefully rely on one of the trusty delivery services to assist with this foodie’s needs. As I try these foods, I hope to learn more about Boston and make it feel like a home away from home.

Emily Quin ’22, psychology and biological sciences
This fall, I’m looking forward to continuing my search for the best latte in Boston! I’m so excited to bounce from coffee shop to coffee shop, searching for the perfect cozy place to huddle up and write a paper. Beyond places to study, Boston coffee shops provide a venue for world-class people watching. For me, important coffee shop criteria include comfortable seating, affordable pastries, and warm lighting. Boston has such a fantastic array of different cuisines, and the coffee shop scene is no different!

Shruthi Sundar ’23, neuroscience
After spending over a year wearing masks and social distancing, I am excited to explore all the outdoor activities Boston has to offer! I was able to go kayaking for the first time ever on the Charles River this summer (post-vaccine) and would love to continue looking for more opportunities to hang out with friends outside before the New England winter hits. I’m especially looking forward to picnicking in Boston Common and checking out the Public Garden.

Tristen Wallace ’24, undeclared
I’m excited to visit SoWa Open Market with my friends—especially with many gift-giving opportunities underway in anticipation of the holiday season! Located in the South End, the market offers an experience for everyone to enjoy! Every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., you can find art, boutiques, food trucks, and vintage garments all in one place. Many of the vendors are local to Boston, meaning you can support small local businesses you might not find elsewhere. Not to mention, the market is outdoors, and lots of attendees bring their furry friends!