Students through up their caps at the ends of commencement

Congratulations, class of 2024!

Image credit: Joel Haskell

Author  Shannon O'Brien, Amber Celletti
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Families and friends gathered on Severance Green to celebrate the red class of 2024 as part of the College’s 146th commencement exercises. Michelle Au ’99, a member of the Georgia House of Representatives and a physician, author, and gun safety advocate, gave the commencement address. “Remember who you are in this moment. You are a Wellesley student on the cusp of doing great things. Some of these great things will be big. The majority of them will be much, much smaller. But make sure they stem from who you are in this moment—someone with the energy, idealism, and work ethic to not just—as the school mission goes—‘make a difference in the world’ … but to make a different world.”