Reaffirmation of Mission and Announcing Gender Policy

Wellesley College is, and always has been, a women's college that provides an excellent liberal arts education for women who will make a difference in the world.  Wellesley's founders recognized that the education of women confers powerful benefits on society, as well as on individuals. Since 1875, Wellesley has been educating fearless and inspiring pioneers who demonstrate the power of women’s leadership. This work is important, never more so than today. 

Wellesley College will continue to educate, support and inspire new generations of women. Every aspect of Wellesley's educational program is, and will continue to be, designed and implemented to serve women, and to prepare them well to thrive in a complex world.

Steadfast in our commitment to the College's mission of educating women, Wellesley will admit women who are prepared for a rigorous academic environment that challenges them to achieve at their highest potential. Wellesley will consider for admission any applicant who lives as a woman and consistently identifies as a woman.

Wellesley will use language reflective of its identity as a women’s college, i.e., female pronouns and other gendered language, in all institutional communications.

Wellesley provides individualized support to every student as a valued part of the College’s culture. If, during a student’s time at Wellesley, the student no longer identifies as a woman and decides that Wellesley, as a women’s college, no longer offers an appropriate educational and social environment, Wellesley will offer guidance and resources to assist in making choices that are best for the student.