Amy Mertl

Visiting Lecturer in Biological Sciences

Current and upcoming courses

  • An exploration of the central questions, concepts, and methods of experimental analysis in selected areas of organismal biology, designed as an alternative to BISC 111 for students with strong high school preparation (such as AP, IB, or other). Topics include: the evolution and diversification of life, the form and function of plants and animals, and ecological interactions among organisms, with an emphasis on laboratory methods, data analysis, and science writing. Lab sections are shared with BISC 111. This course differs from BISC 111 in its smaller class size, a seminar-style format, and a focus on discussion of landmark scientific studies that shape this field; it meets for one discussion and one lab session per week. Either BISC 110, BISC 110P, BISC 112, BISC 112Y, or BISC 116 or BISC 111, BISC 111T, BISC 113, or BISC 113Y may be taken first. Students must attend lab during the first week in order to continue in the course.. This course has a required co-requisite lab - BISC 113L. . The course has a waitlist which will operate on a first-come, first-served basis. If offered a seat, you will receive an offer for the lecture and will be able to accept a seat in the course only if a laboratory which has an available seat can also fit into your schedule. Flexibility for lab times increases your ability to accept an offer.