Ann Witte

Professor Emerita of Economics


Research focuses on how to effectively empower people to manage their finances; how to improve early care and education in the US; and how memory affects and morphs as time passes.

I am a Principal Investigator of the 2012 National Survey of Early Education and Care in the US. I am also working on ways to improve financial education including development of a MOOC and possibly a YouTube channel.

Teaching has always been one of the things I care about deeply. I am particularly interested in new ways of teaching (MOOCs, flipped classrooms) and recent research on more effective instructional methods.

I serve as a consultant to research projects and to help people manage their finances. I like and use statistics and microeconomics to analyze and try to impact public policies.

On the quite side, I love reading and music of many types (county to string quartets). On the active side, I swim and practice qigong and taiji.