Anny-Claude Joseph

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Biostatistician interested in topics at the intersection of health and place, statistics pedagogy, and data ethics.

Broadly, my research is focused on the relationship between place-where we live, learn, and work -and health/social outcomes. Much of my ongoing research work involves using Bayesian statistical methods to investigate the relationship between historic redlining and contemporary asthma prevalence in major cities in the United States. My past work has centered on using spatial epidemiological approaches to assess the impact of incorporating residential histories into the analysis of cancer risk.

Over the years I have had the privilege of teaching mathematics and statistics courses at various levels. Regardless of the course, my overarching objective is to develop sophisticated consumers of quantitative research who are well-equipped to use data to investigate self-generated research questions of interest in an ethical and responsible manner.

Outside of the classroom, I am interested in mentoring students who are interested in facilitating K-12 outreach programs and pathway building STEM workshops for minority groups.