Catherine Grevet Delcourt

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

I build social systems prototypes and study how people relate to each other through social technologies.

My research interests are varied in the areas of Human-Computer Interaction and Social Computing. I have studied the role of social media in political polarization, identity and anonymity in online conversations, novel prototyping methods for social systems research, personal information management, and personal informatics.

I'm excited to teach introductory CS and MAS courses, web technologies, Human-Computer Interaction, and Social Computing topics.

I most recently worked at Yik Yak, a college-based hyperlocal anonymous social networking app, and I like to include examples of industry design and development processes as part of my research and teaching.


  • B.A., Wellesley College
  • M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology

Current and upcoming courses

  • Human-Computer Interaction is one of the areas that have transformed the way we use computers in the last 30 years. Topics include methodology for designing and testing user interfaces, interaction styles (command line, menus, graphical user interfaces, virtual reality, tangible user interfaces), interaction techniques (including use of voice, gesture, eye movements), design guidelines, and user interface software tools. Students will design a user interface, program a prototype, and test the results for usability.