Chris Richardson

Visiting Lecturer in Biological Sciences

Current and upcoming courses

  • A foundation course that focuses on the study of life at the cellular and molecular level, including eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell structure, function of biological macromolecules, molecular genetics, cellular metabolism, and key topics in cell biology. This course will provide the fundamental tools for exploration of cellular and molecular biology with the aim of enhancing conceptual understanding. Laboratories focus on experimental approaches to these topics and are shared with BISC 112. One year of high school chemistry or equivalent is strongly recommended. Either BISC 110, BISC 110P, BISC 112, BISC 112Y, or BISC 116; or BISC 111, BISC 111T, BISC 113, or BISC 113Y may be taken first. Students must attend lab during the first week in order to continue in the course.. When considering swapping labs, please be aware that there is no guarantee you will receive a seat offer in another lab section even if you are already registered for a different section. Therefore, we encourage you to make initial registration choices carefully and wisely.