Judy Brown

Professor Emerita of Physics

Retired from teaching in 2005 and from research several years later. Currently pursuing an interest in equine photography.

Following an early interest in experimental quantum optics, my long-term research efforts were in computer perception of musical and marine mammal sounds. My publications are available online. I was a Visiting Scientist at the MIT Media Lab in the Machine Listening Group for over 20 years and am a Fellow in the Acoustical Society of America.

I taught the first Quantum Mechanics course at Wellesley and continued to teach it for many years; it was my favorite for the beauty of its mathematics. I also enjoyed teaching Vibrations and Waves, Musical Acoustics, and Mechanics.
I continue to serve on the Musical Acoustics and Animal Bioacoustics Technical Committes of the Acoustical Society of America.
My major interest in retirement is photography and equine photography in particular. I had a recent solo exhibit of my "Elliott" series at the Griffin Museum at the Cambridge Homes and a solo exhibit of this work to follow at the Griffin Museum at Aberjona River Gallery. I also enjoy riding lessons, golf, studio art classes at Wellesley, and turning in the horses at Winona Farm.