Kathleen Gilbert

Senior Instructor in Geosciences Laboratory

Focused on stable isotope geochemistry and physical geology.

My main interests in geology are stable isotope geochemistry and physical geology. Some of the research projects I have conducted include determining the effectiveness of African corals as proxy indicators of climate change in Subsaharan Africa, and identifying diagenetic imprints of Holocene sea level rise on Quaternary carbonate eolianites in The Bahamas.

Although I am technically a geochemist, I love field work, geological or otherwise. I have worked in the field on non-geology projects such as a nautical archeology project searching for evidence of dhows in the Straits of Hormuz off the coast of Oman and studying the capacity of wildlife reserves protecting the highly endangered Black Rhino in Kenya.

I am an avid SCUBA diver and have conducted an Aquanaut mission surveying coral reefs while living underwater for 10 days on the Aquarius Habitat in the Florida Keys.


  • B.A., Smith College
  • M.S., University of Miami