Katrin Monecke

Associate Professor of Geosciences

Research interests: Earth surface processes, sedimentology, and natural hazard assessment

My research aims at assessing natural hazards in at-risk regions to better prepare local communities for future disasters. I am interested in the sedimentation of tsunami deposits along Indian Ocean shorelines and elsewhere, and coastal changes in response to large earthquakes and tsunamis. I am also analyzing the sedimentary record of lakes for disturbances related to past strong earthquakes.

At Wellesley, I am teaching classes related to Earth surface processes and sedimentology, including Earth Systems through Time, a core class of our curriculum. The lab component of this course is entirely field-based allowing students to explore the geologic history of key sites in New England, Upstate New York and along the Colorado Front Range. My upper-level classes in Sedimentology and Stratigraphy and Paleoseismology include semester-long research experiences that are directly related to my ongoing research program.


  • B.S., University of Hannover (Germany)
  • M.S., University of Hannover (Germany)
  • Ph.D., Institute of Technology (Zurich, Switzerland)