Margery Sabin

Lorraine C. Wang Professor Emerita of English

Teacher and scholar of English and comparative literature.

In recent years, Professor Sabin has become increasingly involved in teaching modern and contemporary literature in English, especially in relation to the periods of British imperialism, anti-colonial nationalism and postcolonial independence. Her courses in Irish literature and in Indian literature engage with the dynamic literary responses to these historical forces. These interests inform her recent book, Dissenters and Mavericks: Writings about India in English, 1765-2000. She also continues to pursue broader interests in nineteenth and twentieth-century English and comparative literature through courses in Victorian and modern fiction and poetry, and courses focused on major writers, such as James Joyce and Henry James. These teaching interests also have been at the core of her two previous books: The Dialect of the Tribe: Speech and Community in Modern Fiction (1987) and English Romanticism and the French Tradition (1976). Recent publications also include articles and reviews about a variety of topics, including the increasing phenomenon of writers migrating between nations, languages, and social class.

In the midst of these new interests, she continues to enjoy introducing students to reading and writing about poetry in the introductory course, Critical Interpretation.


  • B.A., Radcliffe College
  • M.A., Harvard University
  • Ph.D., Harvard University