Maureen Morgan

Faculty Director of the Child Study Center & Lecturer in Psychology

Specialist in Early Education and Special Education

I have been in the field of Early Education and Special Education for thirty years. I am inspired by young children and eager to pass my experience onto others who have an interest in the lives of young children. I firmly believe that children learn through play and that schools and communities need to place more value on the role of play in early education settings.

As Faculty Director of the Child Study Center, I work with my staff to provide the highest possible standard of early childhood education, informed by research in child development and education.” We are a model preschool that offers rich opportunities for children, their families and the Wellesley College Community. As one of the oldest College Laboratory Schools in the country, we support multiple supervised student internships, observations and student and faculty research each academic year. I actively supervise research and teaching and support the active learning needs of the Psychology Department as well as many other departments and programs across the college. Balancing this with my role in the Education department, I am in the unique position to work directly with children, mentor teachers and student teachers, and engage with Wellesley students and faculty on a daily basis.

My academic interests center on inclusionary education settings and communities, social emotional learning in children from birth to age 8, and successful anti-bias, anti -racist teaching and learning in preschool through grade 3. I have been a teacher or an administrator in corporate settings, campus-based settings and public Schools.

When not at Wellesley, I am a statewide coach for Change and Leadership in early education settings in local communities. I am a Special Education Advocate for children in families in schools, and I enjoy spending time with my husband, young adult sons, and my 2-year-old Boston Terrier.


  • B.S., Lesley College
  • M.Ed., Harvard University