Nadya Hajj

Associate Professor of Peace and Justice Studies

Current and upcoming courses

  • A vital peaceful society depends on the active participation of its people. What does it take for people to engage productively as informed, skilled, and effective members in communities across the world? Whether we are scientists, doctors, engineers, advocates, public servants, or anything else, we are all members of pluralistic communities. Who is able and motivated to engage (much less lead), however, is often limited- leading to significant challenges for the practice of a just and peaceful society. Moreover, translating the people’s engagement into power is a strategic dilemma. This class seeks to overcome some of the limits to participation by combining theory and practice in a reflection of students’ experiential learning. First, the class examines theories of civic engagement, community organizing, monitoring and evaluation, service, and humanitarianism using real world cases and data. Next, the class examines practical hurdles and opportunities for the effective translation of participation into power and action. Then the class provides a framework, using Patti Clayton’s DEAL matrix, for a critical reflection and assessment of student’s real-world engagement. Finally, the class concludes with an exportable blueprint for making a more just and peaceful society. This class is the Senior Capstone course for all P&J majors.